The Fleetwood Area School District has beautiful facilities. Maintaining these facilities is the responsibility of ALL who use them. The sponsoring individual or group of any Use of Facilities will be held financially liable for any damage to the facility whether the damage was intentional or not. The supervising adult is responsible to ensure that all participants stay in the area where the event is taking place. Individuals found outside of the area will be removed from school property. All FASD buildings and grounds are tobacco free.


Indoor Facilities (including gymnasium) are only available when the building is open. There will be no fee for groups whose only purpose is to support district students and programs (such as PTA, Safe Graduation, booster clubs).
For rates, please click on the Use of Facilities Form found in the Facilities Quiclinks. Fees will vary depending on whether those requesting usage are an Inside Group (Greater than 67% FASD resident participation, including IRS nonprofit groups serving the community or students) or an Outside Group (Groups with less than 67% FASD resident participation and for events when an admission/entry fee).


Effective January 3, 2018, the district is moving to an online system for requesting use of district facilities.  All requests for the use of any district facility must be made using the School Dude online system.  In order to submit a request, all organizations will be issued a login and password.  You will be able to request a login and password using the community users link below.  After accessing the link, click “Log in to Request Facility Use” in the upper right hand corner of the webpage.  If you do not have a login and password, click “Create One”.  Additional instructions for entering a facility request are available below.  As of February 1, 2018, the district will no longer accept paper forms.  Please contact Kristen Gracely at kgracely@fleetwoodasd.org for additional information or help with the system.  Additional instructions on how to complete a request for use of facilities can be found here.

Click here to request a login and password for SchoolDude.  Once you have accessed the page, click the link in the upper right hand corner of the page marked  "Welcome Guest! Log in to Request Facility Use FASD USe of Facilities".  Click the Create One link to request a new login and password, or if you already have a login and password, you can log into the system to create your request for use of facilities from the same screen.




Liability Insurance

All community groups will need to submit a list of their officers and contact information, a copy of their current by-laws, their financial statement, and evidence of liability coverage. The requesting organization or group must bear all the costs in providing a certificate of insurance from a company authorized to do business in Pennsylvania. The policy shall be for an amount not less than $300,000 personal injury liability and $100,000 property damage. The Fleetwood Area School District shall be named as an additional insured on all policies. These documents will be required at the beginning of each school year. Liability insurance will not be required for individuals or small groups of 15 or less participants.  Liability insurance must be provided prior to the request being approved.