Principal's Message

Christopher Redding
Andrew Maier Elementary Principal

Andrew Maier Elementary School

Developing Independent Respectful Learners


As the school year progressed, I have witnessed the students at Andrew Maier grow. Yes, their growth was seen as they added inches to their physical frame. But more remarkable was their growth as independent respectful learners.

As they learn important reading, writing, and mathematical skills, students evolved into critical thinkers who believe in taking ownership in their learning. Observing students in the classroom, I witnessed young children working hard, persevering, and showing stamina in their daily school work. These characteristics of a successful learner are used by students as they communicate with peers and their teachers and are on display in their actions. One student described their determination as “sticking with it even when your body and brain get tired”. These life-long skills are the result of teachers establishing routines and modeling strategies for student success.

A daily routine at Andrew Maier that creates respectful learners and builds a family structure in the classroom is morning meeting time. This planned activity is created so students can begin their day ready to work together and achieve success. Skills such as showing compassion, being supportive, exhibiting kindness, learning to communicate and being an active listener are emphasized during morning meeting and are carried out by students throughout the day.

It is an honor to be the principal of this great school. To watch our students grow as independent respectful learners who care about their future and the wellbeing of others is a joy to watch each day at Andrew Maier.

Our school-wide theme this year for positive behavior and our monthly reading and writing challenge was to have a “Seusstastic” year. So I find it fitting to end this message with a quote from Dr. Seuss:

You’ll never be bored when

you try something new.

There’s really no limit

to what you can do!




Christopher S. Redding, Principal

Andrew Maier Elementary School


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