students trying to collect trash Teacher dressed as mermaid reading rainbow fish students wearing red shirts walking around a room students playing instruments girls wearing green shirts walking hand in hand kids in front of a building posed for pictures students listening to a story students wearing colors of the rainbow students dressed in green students wearing green students all wearing green kids holding up pictures Kids wearing hats. Students drawing pictures White board with the words The Great Kindness Challenge written on it 3 girls coloring 4 students wearing red shirts 2 students dressed alike 3 teachers dressed up for twin day 2 students wearing red dresses black jackets for twin day students in pjs enjoying a story students playing instruments kids playing instruments students pose for a picture students throwing leaves at recess students working on stem project student dressed up as fireman students huddled in a circle cheering students lined up wearing sports team shirts staff posing for a picture all wearing the same shirt students working togethre students writing the number five Students working on science experiment with cups and string Girl putting paper paw into tub Wall decorations Student putting a paper paw print in a tub Students wearing the red, green, blue, yellow, and orange colored shirts for a rainbow spirit day art project

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