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What are the Keystone Exams?

The Keystone Exams are state-mandated end-of-course assessments in Algebra I, Biology and Literature. At the high school level, they are used to help satisfy the graduation requirements of Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).   Each Keystone Exam is divided into two parts called modules. Student scores are based on the total points earned from the two modules combined. The scores are then broken down into the following categories: Advanced, Proficient, Basic and Below Basic. Students must score in the Advanced or Proficient range to show mastery of the content. 


What impact do the Keystone Exams have on Fleetwood Area High School?

The results of these exams are gathered and published annually for the Future Ready PA Index. Keystone exams are used to help create a School Performance Profile score that evaluate each teacher and principal for national and local ratings.


How many times can a student take a Keystone exam? 3 times.


If a student scores Proficient, can they retest to attempt to earn an advanced score?

No, the Pennsylvania Department of Education does not allow for retests once a student has scored proficient. 


My student scored Proficient or Advanced on the Algebra I Keystone Exam in middle school. Do they have to take it again in high school?

No, once a student scores Proficient or Advanced, they have satisfied the state requirements for that content area. 


Will my child receive accommodations on the Keystone exams?

Students with special needs will receive accommodations as outlined in their IEP and/or 504 plans subject to any limitations the state has placed on a particular test. 


What are the PA Graduation Requirement Pathways?

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Can my child opt out of the Keystone Exams?

Yes, please email our keystone coordinator for more information. Ms. Rachael Hasselhan, Rhasselhan@fleetwoodasd.org


Is the school required to put the Keystone proficiency level on a student’s transcript? No.


What happens if my child has a concussion or other significant medical issue and cannot take a Keystone Exam during the testing window? By providing a medical note, your child will be excused from the keystone exam.


How can I support my student?

  • Ensure the student gets a restful night sleep
  • Eats breakfast the day of the exam
  • Feels encouraged to put forth his/her best efforts