Mrs. Wentzal's School Wide Art Project turned out amazing! This is displayed as soon as you enter our building. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Thank you FBLA - Fleetwood High School students joined Andrew Maier classrooms today in honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday and read to our students.  Brody sharing an original 1969 newspaper announcing that a man landed on the moon! Neil Armstrong biography book report for Mrs. Fry's 4th grade class. Read A Andrew Maier during our Dr. Seuss Literacy Reward Day Christopher Martinez all striped out for Dr. Seuss Reading Across America Spirit Day! Dr. Zuchowski's Readers...notice the hats for Dr. Seuss Read Across America Mrs. Sitler's 2nd grade class wearing Hats and/or Stripes for Dr. Seuss Read Across America Week! Mrs. Fry's 4th Grade Trail of Tears Reader's Theater Andrew Maier Elementary GOTR Team needs YOU!

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